The Dark Room

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Not the only one

At the weekend I finally got my patch year list going and ended up with 54 species and it's the worst score I've got on the first day in 19 years! Can I blame the mild weather? or the amount of people,motorbikes,boot camp group shouting there mouths off? No! it's just the way things are on the patch sometimes, as I am not the only one who uses the Ingrebourne Valley. Did I enjoy the patch that day? No, I bloody didn't. Will I still go over on the patch? Yes of coarse it's my patch! The thing is I/ we are not the only ones who enjoy the out doors, so like many other birders who bird a busy place, its what it is. Just a shame it's my patch which seems to be busy all the time.......
I didn't even see a Kestrel

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