The Dark Room

Monday 30 August 2021

Site first

This Common Redstart (code 3 male) was trapped and ringed at our little site on 21st August with PH. It's our first for the site.
Numbers are down from last year probably due to a late spring? but we'll have to see and look at the total figures at the end of the autumn. What's also interesting is the large amount of fault bars we're seeing in young birds due to that wet weather we had earlier in the spring. So, with our time split between two sites Walthamstow Wetlands and ours over the past few months the former has come to a end as we've finshed the CES. It's been fun and some good solid data has been collected. On 29th our final CES 12, we had this Juv Grasshopper Warbler and again this was a first of the site to be ringed.
Also while we were processing birds at the ringing table we had 3 Great white Egret fly north.

Sunday 22 August 2021

Pied Flycatcher

Looking out from the conservatory window this morning at my mist net half way down the garden I saw the first bird of the session drop into the top panel. Wow! I did't expect to find a immature male Pied Flycatcher in there. A superb bird for any garden or ringing site in greater London but my garden - well chuffed.
The session finished as it normally does for the garden Robin, Great Tit, 3 LTT and a handfull of Blue Tits.