The Dark Room

Sunday 10 November 2013

Pied Wheatear

It made a nice change this morning going twitching with Monkey and Jono, as I'm the one who doesn't like being in the car much these days but as there was a offer and I felt rude not to take up the spare seat!. Just after 2 hours drive were greeted with a view of about a mile away the Pied Wheatear was just about  tickable. Soon though it came a lot closer and  I felt good about going. Good views and a tick for all of us so it turned out being a great day and with seeing the Glossy Ibis on the home for a year tick, add in a good laugh with lads I might just go a bit more often!
It's not a sharp image but there is not many shots of the tail detail around!

Thursday 7 November 2013

1st Winter Common Gull

Out of all the shots I took at the weekend some 300 or so this Common Gull is my Favourite probably due to the pose and both outer and inner wing detail is on show.