The Dark Room

Sunday 20 November 2016

Forster's Tern then mine

On Saturday afternoon when the news broke of  a 1st winter Forster's Tern showing well at Mistley Quay in my home county of Essex , I was watching my daughter play hockey, while others of towie were enjoying superb views of this north American rare. So, Sunday  morning I pick up Martin Blow still smelling of the nights before dinner and beers we turn up to find the tide was out, Arse!

Anyway after some serious searching we couldn't refind it and retreated to the very nice pub that served breakfast called The Mistley Thorn but as soon as our gourmet breakfast arrived the phone when off saying Forster's Tern still west of the Quay, Arse!

We follow the other birders out of the pub and nick the last space in the car park by the rail crossing and connect with of prize that shone and lit up the grey sky and estuary. With good scope views and what looked like it was heading back to the Quay, we too headed back and luckily enough it gave us a much better view and a chance to get a record shot.

Other than counting Pintail by the Quay while waiting for the Tern to show again that was it.(twitching at it's best)

Thursday 10 November 2016


Last Saturday was very similar to the one before, in that  I visited Rainham Marshes, heard a bird call before seeing it but this time it was a Dartford Warbler. Another good bird for the reserve and hot on  the heels of the Dusky Warbler  and self found which is very rewarding as you would expect. It was in the gorse bushes just past the Serin mound on the left, but as soon as it was on view in the bins it flicked down in the brambles below the path and stayed out of sight while I tried to get a record shot.

And just like last week I failed to get any images of the day, so here is one from Iceland where there was no problem getting one.

Meadow Pipit