The Dark Room

Saturday 18 April 2020

Looking up

Like most if not all birders I'm also keeping a #Lockdown list but as a key worker that means I spend more time at work than looking at the birds in the garden. Anyway, I've added Tawny Owl and Pheasant to the Bungalow list after 25 years of trying, partly due to the lack of car's on the roads and spending large amounts of time listening in the silly hours of the day and night just to try and keep up with some of the members of the Whatsapp group of birders doing the same in around London and Essex/Kent - who are getting some great birds in or over their gardens/balcony.

This afternoon however was a special moment for any garden lister/birder as I had a Osprey circle over the garden then flew north only to be picked up by Paulboy in his garden via my Whatsapp message!


The Osprey is my 90th species for the garden list and along with House Martin seen today that puts me on 50 for the #Lockdown list so far, things are looking up!

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Half locked

With the Government lockdown in place I've only been able to do some ringing in my garden and being a key worker in a Hospital, it's only been a hour before work or at weekends.

So, not a large number yet - just 19 but I'm gratfull to be able to do some ringing and log some data!

But in the long term it will be very interesting to see how many species get recorded and how populations might change.

Here are some images I've taken on my iPhone below.


 Male Green Woodpecker

 Male Starling


 Female Starling

 So far in the garden : 2 Blackbird, 4 Starling, 3 Blue Tit, 2 Great Tit, Woodpigeon, Ringed - necked Parakeet, Robin, Dunnock, 2 Goldfinch, Green Woodpecker.