The Dark Room

Tuesday 30 October 2012


It's hard sometimes getting near to birds without disturbing them, but getting quite close to this Ringed Plover and trying to keep the lense dry was alot more harder from the rain and the sea spray. So I've learnt from my mistake and now getting a rain cover for the camera.

Monday 29 October 2012

Little Gulls

Little Gulls are small delicate, elegant stunning in 1st winter plumage and very smart in Adult plumage and one of my favourite Gulls to watch. I've seen a few lately on sea watches but these have been the nearest for photo opportunities and the first time to appear on this blog and with the Gull season just around the corner there will be no doubt be more pictures of Gulls in the weeks/months ahead. I don't understand when birders say "I don't do Gulls" for me I can't get enough of them!
1st Winter
1st Winter
1st Winter

Sunday 28 October 2012

Snow Bunting

This confiding male Snow Bunting certainly made my day at Reculver yesterday. It was a bit difficult keeping the camera dry and steady in the high winds, but what about the birds?. They have to do this day in and day out!.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Snow at Reculver

Went along to Reculver in Kent this morning for a bit of sea watching in very high winds, so was expecting a little more quality than what we did get ie: Leach's or a Little Auk and by the number of people there at the crack of dawn, I think everybody had the same idea. The highlights were 21 Little Gull, 9 Bonxie, Gannets, Kittiwakes etc plus the normal fair for a good sea watch. After 3.5 hrs sea watching I made a move Weast and walked along the beach and come across 2 Snow Bunting, below is one of them. No doubt I will show more when I've got more time. They are lovely little birds and one of them moments you get, when its just you and the bird.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The morning couldn't of started any better at Barking Bay as me and Paul found 3 Ring Ouzel in the tops of the bushes at first light. They are always a good bird to find locally even if I haven't found one at the Valley after 18 years!. Anyway, I have now at Barking. The idea was to tag along and watch the other two ringing. Emma and Paulboy set up the nets for a mini ringing session. Not high numbers of birds were caught but it's really enjoyable going through plumage details and is something I'm very keen on doing more of in the future. A bit of Viz-mig with Redpolls,Siskins and pipits over and a few Chaffinches too. It's not often I get to see/find 3 Ouzels together so I was well chuffed this morning!!!
1st year Robin
A Wren looks even smaller in the hand, although they are common it's always great to see them up close!

Sunday 7 October 2012

Privet Hawk moth Caterpillar

Most people would probably think of Caterpillars as things that fall off trees and make you "itch" but these which I saw around Steve Smith garden are just stunning!.