The Dark Room

Sunday 29 July 2018

Hoopoe Lark in Cape Verde

Spent 11 days on holiday in Cape Verde on the island of Sal with the family and had an amazing time. Most evenings I would pop out behind our hotel in the sand dunes or around the receding saline pool for the last hour of light before enjoying the delights of the all-inclusive hotel.

The Hoopoe Lark was my favourite bird to see but the hardest to photograph-they don't stop moving/running catching prey. Superb birds.....

Fairly tame but they do keep running  but when the fly Wow! the black and white underwing is so smart.

Thursday 5 July 2018


Steve S found this Tawny Owl by the roadside in Brentwood on 20th June. Normally, I only get to hear Tawny Owls calling over the patch and very rarely see one anywhere now days. So I thought I would share these images as most birders don't get to see one up close?

A sad end to a beautiful night hunter.