The Dark Room

Thursday 25 July 2013

Twitchy Beardies

After birding the Ingrebourne Valley for 19 years I've finally added Bearded Tit on the patch. Les text me at silly O'clock that there were 3 birds present near Berwick Ponds.  Then patch twitcher Dave Mo text to say the birds were still present at 7am Wednesday morning, so I made a slight detour as I was heading out to work and BINGO a patch tick! and puts my small patch year list on 97. Cracking birds, would of liked to have got some photos but didn't have time but more than happy to see Bearded Tit at the valley. 

Monday 1 July 2013

Black Jack

I know its not prefect but I like this photo of a Jackdaw taken on Saturday. As I now shot in manual and the sky was grey its makes a nice Black and white picture.