The Dark Room

Thursday 31 December 2020

Top spot

 With 2020 coming to a end - thank god! Thought I'll update the blog as it's been a while. The 29th November saw me take a small catch of birds, the highlight of that morning was a smart male Sparrowhawk. The 11th and 20th December were also small numbers of birds ringed solo. Redwings and Chaffinches mostly on both dates. A short ringing session in our garden on the 30th December produced new Blue and Great tits and 2 new Starling - the most popular bird ringed in the garden this year.

On the patch I reached 115sp  to take top spot for the first time as I normally always come second. No rares found just passage migrants but still fun with the boys ie Paulboy, Dave Mo, Monkey, Lee and Steve Smith.

Let's hope 2021 will be better for everyone

stay safe and happy new year!