The Dark Room

Thursday 3 January 2013

More please

As I spent a bit of time watching the Waxwings the other day, it was good to stop and take note of their behaviour, like one of the flock would always come to feed on its own to make sure it was safe for the whole flock to start feeding or drinking as they did very often. You know like a 'look out' then fly back to tell the flock it was safe. I also noticed that many of the close shots I got were 1st winter birds, they didn't seem that wary as did the adults and how greedily they feed, stripping the berries off the trees and the amount they drink too from the puddles or even the tops of parked lorries where the rain was trapped in the dents of the roofs. I've seen hundreds and hundreds over the years and still want to see more. Great birds!.

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