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Tuesday 19 June 2018

Common Buzzard chicks

I spent most of Sunday ringing Common Buzzard chicks as part of a project run by Paul R, along with a professional climber, his girlfriend and another trainee ringer. Four trees were climbed with one of them having to be abandoned due to it being unsafe. Five gorgeous chicks were ringed, two by myself with a G' ring. All chicks were in very good condition and all around the same age. Prey was found to be similar  in each nest and definitely no Pheasant was found, which will be good news for the concerned farmers around the country. I used my 35mm lens for the images below, bought for £35 from ebay!

ISO 800

ISO 1000

Add in my first found coughed up Buzzard pellet containing fur and beetles below one of the nests, it was a really good day out-thanks Paul.

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