The Dark Room

Sunday 5 June 2016

Iceland ( part1)

This time last week Jono and I were enjoying the amazing landcape and excellent birding/photographic opportunities found in Iceland and with good weather we made the best of the long bank holiday. Lots of images still to go through and here are just a few to start  with.....

We met up with a local birder/police officer just by chance one afternoon and he passed on info for Slavonian Grebe,12 in total on varoius pools but  this one showed nicely.

Up to six male Ptarmigan seen over the three days these two being the best and were just by the road side.

To hear these Red-throated Divers calling was a first of me and they to showed well to.

It really was a good weekend!


  1. Hi !! So you found the birds :-) nice meeting you !
    Husky the policeman !!

  2. Yes thank you so much for the info and like wise.