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Friday 1 January 2016

New Years day

Kicked off the New Year at the Ingrebourne Valley this morning which was pretty much standard but for the pair of Stonechat near the visitors centre as last year I didn't get to see one here. It was only a quick visit but ended up with a low 48.

Then on to Rainham Marshes and added Green Sandpiper, YLG, Marsh Harrier, Gypo Goose which is a good record for here. A couple of Short-eared Owls were out hunting and the day list was put on  hold till next time.

This backlit  SEO below flew across the car down Ferry lane

The next set of images show the Shorties boxing and note that they don't take their eyes of each other

Not a great image but it shows how long those legs are, nearly its full body length

And the new security system is in place this year

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