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Sunday 29 November 2015

Great Northern Diver at Fairlop Waters

I enjoyed going to Fairlop Waters on Saturday morning to see the Great Northern Diver which has hung around for seven days now. With a clear blue sky and the sun was behind me when the Diver popped up in front at about 30m away, it was perfect but the fact that my camera was firmly zipped in my bag was not the start I wanted. A few quick handheld shots were made as the diver moved pass in between the large amount of rowing boats which was also enjoying the early Saturday mornings weather, I had to wait another hour before I could grab a few more shots of the best views of a GND that I seen in the London area, as most of my sightings of GND have been at distance on the Reservoirs in the Lee Valley. If time was on my side I would of liked to have spent more time with the Diver but I'd promised our daughter that I go and watch her play Hockey again ( and glad I did they won 2-0 and she scored one ). It does dive for long periods of time and does get moved about a bit, so much so that I'm watching it one minute and the next its over the other side of the lake.  Other than that, a few Siskin over and a chat with Tony Brown from the Wanstead crew, that was it really. If it hangs around I may go again but more than happy with the views.

A great bird to see again and still being able to bird locally makes it much better!

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