The Dark Room

Sunday 26 July 2015

Red-rumped Swallows in Zakynthos

I arrived back to the UK on Friday evening having spent 10 days with family and friends on our summer holiday in  Zakynthos ,Greece. Although this wasn't a birding holiday I still racked up a few species just around and in the hotel grounds. Most evenings I would just do about 1 hours birding when the temperature dropped as it was very hot during the day and most birds wasn't seen until then anyway, about half six normally.

These stunning Red-rumped Swallows were always seen at this time feeding above the many Olive trees that are around the Hotel grounds of Grand Eleon Spa. A nice Hotel by the way.

They wasn't easy to photograph as they preferred to feed over the Olive trees, so it always felt like I was poking the lens into gaps of the trees instead of say getting a panoramic view over the pools for example, which would of been much easier BUT I did enjoy the challenge and will miss seeing them everyday now back in the UK.


  1. Hi Shaun!
    Great pictures! Do you have a species list or trip report from your stay in Greece? I am going to Zakhyntos in a couple of weeks’ time and hope to do some birding.

  2. Thanks Johan, Eleonora's Falcon, Buzzard sp, Olivaceous Warbler, Alpine Swift, Red-rumped Swallow, Pallid Swift, Scops Owl, Cetti's Warbler, Tree Sparrow, YLG, Great grey Shirke, Sardinian Warbler. No doubt more out there but this was all seen just around our Hotel.

  3. Thanks Shaun! We will see what we can find ;-)