The Dark Room

Monday 20 April 2015

Just for the record

I wouldn't normally take a shot of a bird around 200m away BUT  this was a patch tick for the Valley and a good one too. Even with the x2 converter on, it still looks miles away. So here isn't a record shot of the Wood Sandpiper that was on the back scape found by Dave Mc this late afternoon. Instead here is a Wheatear  from Rainham Marshes and although I did see a cracking spring male Whinchat on the hill at Cold Harbour lane I didn't get anywhere near that either!

So, just for the record then here is the poor record shot of the Wood Sandpiper below.

A poor image but a quality bird for the Ingrebourne Valley and its only taken me 20 years to see one on the patch.... Thanks DAVE.

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