The Dark Room

Sunday 4 January 2015

Slavonian Grebe at Wanstead

I was going start my Rainham Marshes year list this morning, when Nick Croft the finder of the Slavonian Grebe at Wanstead texted saying the Grebe was still present from the day before in the corner of Heronry Pond, where it was still ice free.

I 've had 'good one's' before like the one in Dartford a couple of years back but this was a real stunner. The morning was cold and foggy so the light not great BUT the views! Much better than I've ever had before.

So my new patch year list may not be a high total at the moment, but this morning was nice start to the year with some quaility like a Slavonian Grebe in the middle of London......

Adult winter Slavoian Grebe


  1. All beautiful shots Shaun!

  2. Very nice u can't beat a showy slav. Unfortunately man flu has kept me indoors all weekend.