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Monday, 19 November 2012


Here's some poor record shots of the Richard's Pipit I found at Rainham Marshes RSPB on Saturday. As we were walking on the board walk towards the firing butts, a bird called a few times a bit 'sparrow like' and quite loud. I fired off some shots as it flew across from Purfleet scrape towards the sea wall still calling, which you can just see in one of the shots. The flight was undulating and you can see, its a large Pipit and some of the tail feathers are missing and white in the tail. Straight away I phone Howard, who was working that I had a Dicks Pipit go over but on the phone I couldn't tell him about the plumage detail but was 100% sure it was a Richard's Pipit. So when I returned to the centre to show a few people the back of camera, its was case of 'bloody hell well done'. Its my 2rd Richards Pipit for the site as I saw the one Dave Morrison found a few years back and the 4th one I've seen in the UK.If you Google poor flight shots of Richards Pipit, its spot on.

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