The Dark Room

Saturday 17 March 2012

Kumliens Gull and Iceland Gull

Had to get up early this morning as I was working and wanted to check the paddocks at the Valley for Wheatear as like most mornings this week, but with no luck. So as I was checking for Wheatear, Paul phone me to say he had got the 2w Kumliens Gull and the 1w Iceland Gull on the foreshore west of the Stone Barges. I said the F word a few times and jumped in the van and headed for Rainham. Luckily they stayed and we had great views of both, especially the Kumliens Gull as it flew over our heads giving us superb views and sitting on the rails next to thr Barges. Firstly thanks to Dom for finding them on Friday and to Paul Boy. Cheers lads......

Photograph by Paul Boy Hawkins

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