The Dark Room

Saturday 16 July 2011

Cow's suit

I've cracked it. I am gonna make millions. Forget the camouflage gear and get a valley cow suit, why? Well for the last few weeks on the patch I've noticed that the birds on the viewing area are not bothered by cattle grazing and they can get within meters of them, unlike us birders. As there is a fence around the area to stop disturbance, photography can be difficult because of the distance you are away, but if I was dressed as cow I would be able to get much closer without the birds taking flight. Only one problem, I need someone else as mad as me to wear this suit!!!!

A juvenile Black-headed gull looking very smart last night on the patch, showing its rufous upperparts and the first one of the year in the valley.

The Greenshank has been around for more than 10 days now.


  1. Shaunboy, i have experience i was the rear half in a school play back in the day!!

  2. Thanks Paul , I wonder if udders will help us?