The Dark Room

Saturday, 5 February 2011

It's been a good week

With Waxwings turning up everywhere locally most birders have now got them on there year lists, but how many birders have them on their self found list.This week I managed to find 11 in Grays Essex and 30 at Brent Mead place near Brent Cross London and its all down to luck because of the amount of traveling I've done for work this week. This mornings trip to the Ingrebourne Valley did not produce much, but had a Shelduck mid week, which puts me on 70 species for the Ingrebourne year list.


  1. Hi Shaun,
    Glad you had a good week, finding your own Waxwings, well done and the irons winning 3-1 away !
    Not so good for me though. You have probably read some of my Waxwing antics on the Boozybirds site and I have still not sighted any!
    Still another three points tomorrow, against Brum...Sweet revenge, that will cheer me up. Have good week.
    Ron Colson

  2. Like the Egret pic shaunboy, love the way they feed shaking their feet.