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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Out with the old

Out with the old  in with new so they say! Last year I topped out a score of 106 for Ingrebourne Valley- not bad, but on 65 so far this year. With today being the best day on the patch for months since the Osprey and Spotted Crake seen in the same day. Started off with 2 Brambling on the set a side crop then added a Male Marsh Harrier over Berwick ponds- didn't see one here last year.  After adding the norm I went home happy, only to be back out on the patch in mins as Paulboy Hawkins found  2 adult Berwick Swans on the reservoir a patch tick and a super find from Paul, then patch year ticked 7 Gypo Geese- didn't see one either last year. With Dave Mo and Lee and a few of the other locals adding the Bewick's it's been really goood day on the patch......

Some record shots below

 Berwick Swan


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