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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Dip and grine

Saturday morning I went along to Walthamstow to try for the Little Bunting thats been hanging around for just  over a week. From 9.33am to 2pm I stood near it's favourite bush behind the yellow and black tape with twelve others plus checking the other bushes without sadly any sign . It's  the second London Little Bunting I've dipped, the first being the Amwell bird a few years back. Although having seen a good handfull of LB's over years it seems a tricky one me in London. The upside to the day was seeing the Greater Scaup and a pair of Goldeneye on Reservoir No 4 plus this Female Peregrine below that flew over the  LB's favourite bush in the wind and rain.

 Sunday morning a quick visit to the patch and I added Peregrine which puts me on 74 for the patch year list.

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