The Dark Room

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Local birding

It was a cold and foggy start to the day, but a bit of Gull watching at Ferry Lane North where a few hundred Gulls were gathering on the Industry roofs soon warmed my appetite. Five species of Gull were recorded but not the Iceland Gull which I was after. So just up the road I popped into Rainham Marshes to try and get some new photos of Bearded Tit which have been on site for a while. They were seen early on in the day but I missed them. So below are some shots of a Male Stonechat, not a rare bird but a bird which was not recorded at the Ingrebourne Valley last year, probably due to the harsh winter we had. Hopefully it will make this years patch list?

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  1. Nice shots Shaun, especially when they are in full summer plumage.