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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lesser White- Fronted Goose and Year listing

Yesterday, I went to Buckenham Marshes in Norfolk with Paul and Martin to see the LWF Goose. I dipped it last year, so when it returned again with Taiga Bean Geese at the same place, I was keen to try again. Apparently its been difficult to see again, but around 8.30am near the railway track it showed well in the scope with the Taiga and White-Fronted Geese. At times it fed along a ditch and become out of view and then reappeared showing its large white blaze on the crown, small bill and its long winged tips project beyond the tail making it obvious compared to the other geese. Also on the Reserve were Barnacle Geese, 3 Bewick Swan and although common, the sound of 1000 Golden Plover going over head is fantastic. Then on to Horsey for Common Cranes but unfortunately we could not find any, but Pink feet and Peregrine made it on our list. I turned the car around and headed to Rollesbury Broad for the Great Northern Diver which was a bit distant. Back in the car and to Lowestoft for Black T Diver, 4 Purple Sand, Med Gull and Kittiwake off shore. A quick chat with Bradders dad who was out year listing as well. Then to Roydon for 16 Waxwing which entertained us and are always great to see. A quick stop at Abberton for Smew, which we did not see but still masses of other duck and Geese. It was a long and busy day birding with Paulboy and Monkey but always a great one.


Purple Sandpiper at Lowestoft

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