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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Western Bonelli's Warbler at Cromer

It was third time lucky for Monkey and myself to twitch a Bonelli's Warbler.On Friday, news broke that a Bonelli's had been seen at Warren Wood Norfolk.So Saturday morning we were on the road at 5am, and some six hours later we had great views of the Bonelli's in with the tit flock feeding in the Sycamore tree's. Although some of us had brief views before that,we could'nt be 100% sure of it's true identity due to the weather conditions, it was pissing down most of the time but, Once the rain cleared and the sun came out it was worth the wait. After getting some record shots, Martin and I made a short trip up the road for the escaped Burrowing Owl in the field next to the caravan park. I've not seen one before and although it's plastic ie: it's an escape, it was still nice to see. What was also good about the day, was the good company of Paul boy,Bradders and jono we always a good laugh.

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A escaped Burrowing Owl

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