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Monday, 15 August 2011

Subalpine Warbler

It was a bit of a rush this evening after work but, I wanted to see the Subalpine Warbler, which was showing well on and off all day at Holland Haven Essex. So I met dick on the way and Martin Redfern there. It showed straight away, as it fed along the hedges of the car park and seemed to like the Blackberry bushes. A very bright male it was too, but not sure yet if its eastern or western, so I will have to have a little read up on that one. As I was in so much of a rush I forgotten my camera bag, a school boy error. After good views we made our way to the scape and had good views of Woodsand, Grenshank, Blackwit, Snipe etc. Not bad for a Monday night ;).
Picture by Paul Hawkins

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