The Dark Room

Monday, 29 March 2010


I was on the patch Sunday morning and 2 Willow warbler singing almost straight away 2 redwing,2 shelduck were also seen.I then meet up with les harrison at the first paddock . We chatted for a while then a male Goosander flew over our heads and went west over the viewing area for a first record ever for the valley.... A quick circuit of the valley and i was making my way back to the van and Hawky texts me with info of the Pallid swift and Alpine swift together at Kessingland Suffolk. I pick up monkey,dick Jeffries and 2 hrs of driving we have the alpine swift straight away but we waited 40 minutes for both swifts to be seen together.But well worth the drive as both showed very well, also a fly through woodcock. After i got some crap pictures we were on our way home and as we got near the Ipswich roundabout Howard rang and said (turn round there is a male LESSER KESTREL at Minsmere RSPB (westleton heath). So we drove backup to Suffolk , forty minutes later we have missed it by minutes GUTTED, for the first time on a twitch every birder is looking for it. Then we hear news its been found again and we follow a bloke in a convoy of 20 cars who is looking for his lost scope and he takes us all to the places where he thinks his lost it GREAT .So back to where we started i throw the van in a bush a ten minute run and we are watching the Lesser Kestrel.Superb high fives all round and back in doors for 8.30pm. What a ticktastic day...........

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