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Monday, 18 February 2019

Weekend Ringing

Saturday 17th February

Went out with the NTGG at a new site cannon netting for Gulls. A slight delay with the dust cart turning up later than expected meant that we had to take a quick catch as we had to be off site by lunch time. We ringed 323 gulls mostly Herring and had 3 controls from Denmark, Norway and York. Just a few Black headed and some GBBG. However we did see 3 Caspian Gulls all 2cy and 2 Med. With the experience team on site we were able to smoothly process all the gulls in time and safely. It was a fantastic morning ringing!

Black headed Gull 6

Adult Herring Gull 10

argentatus Herring Gull

Sunday 17th February

A short mist net ringing session with Paul H produced double figures but the bird of the day was this female Lesser Redpoll 5.

All images taken with the Iphone.

Thanks to Paul Roper and Paul Hawkins for a good weekend..

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