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Monday, 2 May 2016

Wryneck at Rainham Marshes

Hot on the heels of Razorbill and Stone Curlew, a Wryneck was found at the west end of the reserve on Saturday morning at Rainham marshes RSPB but was elusive and wasn't seen again. So when I finally managed to turn up Sunday morning I didn't except to see it fly across the small path and sit up in the reeds and pose for a few seconds and wait for me to unzip the camera from the bag! 

Andy T and Pat the volunteer also got views when it flew to a nearby tree and when it perched on a wooden post where the cattle are grazing, which was the last time it was seen just before 9.00 am


Also on the move were  50 Swifts, 9 Whimbrel, 2 Yellow wagtail and 3 Female Wheatear.

 Female Wheatear

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