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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Iceland Gulls

We had to travel around Ireland to gain our eight Iceland Gulls over the two and a half days. One Juvenile at Nimmo's Pier, Five at the small harbour at Rossaveal and two on our last day at Youghal ( the slob).

The Friday and Sunday were nice and sunny but Saturday was a very dull grey day, so a high ISO had to be used which I think the 1D mark 111 can handle without to much noise.

Gulls are a bit like Marmite- You love it or you don't!

Juvenile Iceland Gull at Youghal Harbour

 Juvenile Iceland Gull at Rossaveal Harbour

2nd Winter Iceland Gull at Rossaveal Harbour

Adult Iceland Gull at Rossaveal Harbour

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  1. You are turning into Mick and Richard. It's because gulls are large and easy. It's not too late to turn back and return to being a proper birder.