The Dark Room

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hume's Leaf Warbler

Having not felt well all day Friday I thought I would not do any birding on Saturday morning, but waking up at silly O'clock I thought I might as well drive all the way to Beachy Head to try and see the Hume's Warbler, which had been there for a few days now. On arriving the weather was really foul, and I started to think that I should of stayed in bed, but after five minutes I had a female Merlin go through and the Hume's was calling in the small wood called Belle tout wood and I suddenly felt a lot better!. I watched the bird for two and half hours along with some 30 birders in the end with the warbler calling a few times , which is a bit shorter and lower pitched than Yellow browed, with dark legs and a much duller plumage than Yellow browed, it's still a very smart little bird!.

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