The Dark Room

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Baillon's Crake

There we were down the pub for the birders monthly drink and Howard Vaughan rings Paul to say that some lady walked into the centre at Rainham Mashes RSPB saying see had some great shots of a Water rail and luckly enough Howard was there to point out it was a Baillon's Crake!!!. So being a volunteer I was able to be on site at 5.40am to help out and lucky for me to get good views with a few others who were there before me. It was only on show for ten mins while I was there and was seen again twice by a few of us too. Cracking little bird!!!. Big thanks must go to 'H' for sorting everything out on site, so that we all could get to see this rare vagrant.


  1. Finder here, and I didn't think it was a Water Rail! (Nor did I think I had great shots! It was distant and in poor light, and my shots are rubbish.) My account of the find is here if you're interested: