The Dark Room

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Skua pleasure

The forecast looked good for a river watch this morning and like other local birders I wanted to watch along the Thames. I choose the Stone Barges and must of stepped in rocking horse shit when leaving the house as I got very lucky again. I spoke to Paul to see how he and Dave were doing at Barking Bay but replied "very quiet". So I was not to hopeful of a good river watch. The first hour was very quiet until a dark phase Arctic Skua went up river followed by a Great Skua minutes later!!! Unbelievable. I've seen Arctic and Great skua at Rainham before but seeing both is very rare and lucky too. The camera was in the bag when the Skua's passed, so getting the camera out, taking lens cap off, switching it on, unlocking it and trying to point it out of the van in the rain was a miracle that I got these crap pictures. The last time I used it the weather was sunny and was still on ISO 200 not good for taking pics in dark cloudy conditions. Oh well. The Great Skua did make its way back to the barges and sat on the river so I moved the ISO up 1000 but still no improvement. Well you can see what it is, can't you?


  1. hi, I've got google alert set up for anything skua related. So i'll need to ask you although it might be obvious to most your readers. Where appoximately are you located?? East or West coast?

  2. great cheers for your reply. I'm studying great skuas in the Faroes, and will be colour ringing some this summer, although I doubt many of them will come through your area.

  3. Your welcome, keep up the good work .