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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Southend Pier revisted

I enjoyed myself so much the other day at Southend pier, today I returned again but this time with my family and Martin Redfern family too. We parked at Chalkwall and made the long walk to the pier in very windy conditions. Once at the pier the wifes and kids headed to the tea rooms and myself and Martin headed over to see the Purple sand still sitting there in the same place as the other day. As it was so windy it was just nice to get some flight shots of the gulls with some ok results. After fish and chips for lunch,we were all treated to a Starling spectacular as we watched hundreds of Starlings go to roost making all sort of shapes as they whizzed over head.

2rd Winter Med gull

1st Winter Common gull

Adult Kittiwake

The Purple Sandpiper only stayed for about five mins while we were there



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