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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Arctic Warbler Twitch

This morning myself and Paul Hawkins take a 2.5hr drive to Norfolk at Holme to see a Arctic Warbler which showed on off for the 70+ people who waited 2.5 hrs with us at 2.30pm this afternoon.It was a very smart bird slowly moving through the tops of the pine trees with a long narrow supercilium and off white underparts.The three pound entry fee was well worth it.After high fives all round we made our way back to the car and had a calling Lapland Bunting in with some Linnets in the dunes.Another three pounds was paid to the Norfolk Wildlife Trust and we were given good views of Red necked phalarope,Ruff and Green Sand from the hide.Once again Norfolk delivers some great birding for the weekend birders, its just a shame I did not get any pics of the Warbler myself.

A Ruff showed well in front of the hide at Holme Dunes
The pines at Holme where the Arctic Warbler has been seen for a few days

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  1. Some great pics, Shaun. Well done on the Arctic Warbler - I should have gone today, but instead spent 10 hours dipping Wrynecks and Ospreys in London!