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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Trumpeter Finch

Yesterday I went up to Norfolk with Jono,Monkey and Henry to Cley to see a very Smart male Trumpeter Finch which we saw really well.It was one of those birds that I wanted see for ages.After spending some time on the East bank watching this cracking pink stunner I went to dip the Thrush Nightingale at Walsey Hills which had been a bugger to see all day.A short drive up the road to see the adult male Red Backed Shrike made up for dipping the Nightingale.Managed to get five year ticks as well in the time we were there. It was a really busy evening birding BUT well worth going up there and getting to bed at 1 0 clock in morning for........

The one in the middle is the better Birder

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