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Monday, 19 April 2010

Scotland 2010

Crested Tit

Wite Tailed Eagle
White Tailed Eagle
The 15th of April saw myself Dave,Dick and Martin Redfern drive over night to Scotland taking ten hours.The next morning we meet up with Martin Blow where he showed us some sites for Scottish Crossbill and Capercallie as he was on a family hoilday there .Both showed well.In the afternoon we were Treated to Great views of Golden and White Tailed Eagles over our heads which was amazing.I think Martin would of wished he stayed with us lads all day and not just the morning.We also saw 4 Osprey that day.The next two days birds were 2 Black Grouse,40+ Red Grouse,3 Crested Tit,Redstart,R T diver,Tree pipit,6 Hooded Crow,etc.The short trip goes down to be the best one for me as not only I got 3 new ticks but the company,stunning close views of the rare and common birds and having time to record photos of it all.

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  1. Cracking Pics shaunboy, wish i was there!